kipp bay area (talent team)

NorthStar first facilitated the creation of the KBAS Teaching Excellence rubric, creating a common bar for excellent teaching across the region.

NorthStar then worked with the KIPP Bay Area Talent Team to develop and launch an instructional coaching pilot.  The pilot included:

  • An instructional coaching process

  • An instructional coaching toolkit

  • Customized technology

  • A kickoff PD

As part of the pilot, NorthStar also worked with the KIPP Bay Area Talent Team to:

  • Align existing talent practices to the new Teaching Excellence Rubric

  • Capture video for training principals and other school leaders in the use of the Teaching Excellence Rubric

  • Put in place processes for gathering feedback on the pilot in preparation for scaling.

The toolkit included a set of guiding principles, an operations excellence rubric, operations development arcs, exemplar coaching videos, and templates for development plans, skip level meetings, and implementation plans.