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Our Mission

Our Values

Helping our clients re-imagine education by designing systems that liberate the unique potential of students, staff, and families.

Our values include Strives for Authenticity, Leads for Equity, Designs to Transform, Chooses Joy, and Pursues Excellence. Read more about our core values and examples of how we try to live into them below.

Our Consultants 


Skye Duckett
Chief of Human Resources
Atlanta Public Schools 
“Our partnership with NorthStar has led to many more of our principals operating as Chief Talent Officers of their schools”
“NorthStar’s strategic planning process combined the power of inclusivity and creativity.”
“I’m amazed by how much strategic clarity we came to in such a short time through our partnership with NorthStar”
Christi Elliott-Earby
Head of Schools
The GLOBE Academy
Martrice Gandy
Mindworks Collaborative
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