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Our Mission

Our Values

Helping our clients re-imagine education by designing systems that liberate the unique potential of students, staff, and families.

Our values include Strives for Authenticity, Leads for Equity, Designs to Transform, Chooses Joy, and Pursues Excellence. Read more about our core values and examples of how we try to live into them below.

We create safe, inclusive, and collaborative environments for our partners to develop enduring solutions. We do this through Northstar’s Theory of Action:  

We believe that if we…

  • Assemble a diverse team of representative stakeholders (e.g., teachers, students, board, staff, students), and

  • Align, adopt, and continuously reflect on liberatory mindsets and processes (e.g., mindsets that allow us to check our biases, center race and equity, think expansively and listen with empathy), and 

  • Iteratively listen to stakeholders, design with equity in mind, and test solutions 

Then we can...

  • Transform power by shifting the relationships between those who hold power to design and those impacted by these designs, and

  • Generate critical learning and increased agency for those involved in the design work, and therefore

  • Create designs that interrupt inequity and increase opportunity for those most impacted by oppression

  • Accelerate progress towards organizational mission and goals



Strives for Authenticity

We create the conditions required for individuals, teams, and communities to bring their full selves, distinctive perspectives, and unique strengths to the design process.  

Leads for Equity & Inclusion

We operate with the belief that racism and systemic inequity have been designed into systems and thus, can be redesigned to promote equity and freedom.

Designs to Transform

We challenge ourselves and our clients to reach for enduring solutions that accelerate progress towards holistic student outcomes.


We find, bring, and share the joy in our work every day. We practice gratitude, celebrate wins, and offer praise.

Pursues Excellence

We are lifelong learners, continually seeking out ways to improve, innovate, and produce high-quality work for our clients. 


Our Partners

We are humbled to have the opportunity to work with many of the leading K-12 urban education systems and non-profits in the country.
Learn about the work we are doing with some of our remarkable partners.

Our Consultants and Partners


Skye Duckett
Chief of Human Resources
Atlanta Public Schools 
“Our partnership with NorthStar has led to many more of our principals operating as Chief Talent Officers of their schools”
“NorthStar’s strategic planning process combined the power of inclusivity and creativity.”
“I’m amazed by how much strategic clarity we came to in such a short time through our partnership with NorthStar”
Christi Elliott-Earby
Head of Schools
The GLOBE Academy
Martrice Gandy
Mindworks Collaborative
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