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Organizational Strategy
We co-lead strategic planning processes with our partners that center equity, inclusion, and liberatory design methods. Outputs of our strategic planning process and support include: 
  • Equity audit and organizational assessment

  • A multi-year strategic plan with clearly defined strategic initiatives and implementation roadmaps

  • Equity-centered data dashboard to transparently communicate equity gaps and progress against closing gaps

  • Flexible financial models that support clear growth, budget, and staffing decisions

  • Multi-year staffing plan 

  • Marketing and branding strategy to support growth 

  • Staff capacity building plan to support successful implementation

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Academic Strategy
We partner closely with district and charter leaders to define a bold profile of a graduate and work to align all parts of the academic system - from curriculum, school schedules, instructional methods, and talent - to this profile. Outputs of our academic strategy and support include: 
  • A profile of a graduate 

  • Holistic measures of student success that include wellbeing and social-emotional strengths

  • Curriculum and assessment audits and recommendations rooted in cultural relevance and anti-racism

  • Revised teacher, instructional leader, and principal manager job descriptions, vision of excellence, and time allocations

  • A comprehensive strategy for teacher and leader development that includes unit and daily lesson planning, data meetings, instructional coaching, and culture meetings

  • A roadmap for redesigning schools to achieve graduate profile aims

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Talent Management
We support our partners to design anti-racist systems to attract, select, and retain excellent teachers and leaders. Outputs of our talent management strategy and support include:
  • A clear vision of excellence for all teachers, instructional leaders, operational staff, and central office leaders

  • Repeatable systems for recruiting, onboarding, developing and retaining excellent staff members

  • Staff wellbeing strategies rooted in race and equity, trauma, and mindfulness practices

  • Leadership development and succession planning programs and processes

  • Innovative approaches to compensation and pricing (for non-profits)

  • Clear connections between organizational, academic, and talent planning

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